Clear Webex Meetings App Saved Login in MacOS


If you’re using multiple Webex accounts, you might get stuck signing-in to the same account even though you login into another when starting or joining a meeting using the Webex Meetings app. This certainly might get annoying but here is the work-around.

For MacOS (Catalina), what you have to do is clear your saved logins using the Keychain Access app.

Use Virtual Camera with Webex Meetings web app in Firefox browser

Webex Meeting web app

With recent updates to Webex Meetings desktop app, using a third-party virtual camera app has been restricted. However, you are able to use the virtual camera with the Webex Meeting web app in a Firefox browser. At the time of writing, I was able to make this work using the CamTwist app, Firefox browser on my MacOS Catalina.

Joining a Webex Meeting

Video Conference

Cisco Webex Meeting is one of the most used application to hold a video conference through the internet. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you a decent internet connection, you will be able to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues.

We use Cisco Webex Meeting at work and for church for meetings or team collaborations on projects and events. So when invited to join a Webex Meeting, you can follow the simple steps below.