Web Development: An Introduction

Web development refers to the process of creating and maintaining websites, including everything from the front-end design and user experience to the back-end functionality and server-side scripting. It encompasses a range of skills, including web design, coding, and web server management.

Types of Web Development

There are several different types of web development, including:

Update Drupal 9 core via composer on your local environment

  1. Open the terminal app (or the terminal in VS Code) and change to the root site directory of the site you are updating
    cd [path/to/site/root/directory]
  2. Switch to the main branch and fetch the latest changes
    git checkout master
    git fetch --all
    git pull
  3. Create a new branch from the main branch for the Drupal core update
    git checkout -b update/core-[version]
  4. Upda